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Any recommendation on a good baitcast reel for casting heavy baits and catching large fish. am thinking of Shimano Tranx 301HG.  Budget below SGD$300 & suitable for saltwater.
  • SportAngler
    Some questions you need to ask yourself. 

    Are you planning to cast for lure the whole day?
    If you do need caat whole day, need to consider the weight of the reel.
    Do you really use high drag?
    For big fish there is no need high drag if there is structure. 
    Line cap needed.
    Do you need lots of line?

  • Luke Maow Bear
    I own the TranX 301 sized reel, it sits high. It's actually a rather uncomfortable "low profile" reel at times as it can feel like a round shape rather than low profile.

    Crazy powerful.
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