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Hi! I'm sort of new to the forum and local fishing. I'm hoping to take my dad for an offshore fishing trip but have no intentions to charter the entire boat. Do you guys have any recommendations for boatman/companies that have great catch rates and organizes such trips for individuals/2pax?
  • botakchong
    You could try to Google for 
    (1) Spanish Dancer
    (2) Fish Stalker.
    Both boats will take individual kakis.

    It will be easier if you're to post your contact number.
  • RedemptionVII
    If you ever go on wednesdays invite me too! I wanna try offshore but no kaki to split cost for charter.
  • Vaerion
    Sunzack and Charlie Brown, thanks for the PM!

    Botakchong, thanks! I'll look into those 2. I can't be reached by a local number at this time.

    Redemption, for sure! It'll probably be in Feb when I'm back in SG though.

    On a side note, any of these boats specializes in jigging? I'd like to pick it up from any experienced captain.
  • Limpeh
    Would think such boat that allow individual slot, most likely be playing bottom, which is generally more sort after. Of course, we never know these boatman can be expert in jigging too.

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