New to crabbing/fishing

Hi guys, I've decided to start crabbing/fishing recently and have been reading up on tips and tricks for beginners. However, the videos and guides I've been watching and reading all have different opinions on the matter. As such, I am here hoping for professional opinions on these questions.

1) I've read that Sembawang is a good spot for crabbing. Are there any good crabbing locations in the east?
2) I've also read that fish heads left overnight are good as bait. Is there any particular type of fish I should use?

Thank you!
  • Royfishing
    (1)changi boardwalk good for crabbing, ecp breakwater can also
    (2)just any fish from the market can lah
  • RedemptionVII
    Im also new to fishing mostly been luring at freshwaters. No luck so far, im getting gears to try out the breakwater at ecp. We can go together sometime if you interested in fishing with another newbie .
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