Slow Fall jigging hook rigging

Michael Lim
Disclaimer, I am still learning about this also.

But in general, do measure the length of your jig and check how much leeway you have in terms of the length.  Usually, most would recommend that you rig the hooks at about 1/3 length of the jig size.

In slow-fall, you have up to 1/2 of the length of the jig to play with as long as the hooks dun tangle with the hooks on the other end of the jig.

As show here, I measured jig, a length of kevlar or PE line to rig onto the hooks and the finished length of the kevlar + hook length.

So the Daiwa SK jig here is 13.5cm long and the longer set of hooks is about 8.5cm long (which would be too long for this jig and would tangle on the other set of hooks if it was at the same length)

the shorter set of hooks is approx 6.8cm and would be just barely touching each other.  This is the longest I can tie these hooks for this size of jig.

And one more very important part about tying the hooks yourself.  DO a LOAD TEST...

If it fails at home, all you have to do is re-do it properly...  a failure out on the waters will lose you the fish you might dream about.

Keep tying, have fun and good luck out on the waters jigging.
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