Restarting, need some help

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ive decided to pick up fishing as a hobby again after doing it for about 3 months back in 2016. I mainly used to do jigging at bedok jetty then use as live bait but no success with anything other than tamban. I have a few questions:

1) Is 5-9am a good time to fish at bedok jetty in general? Im planning on going down every week at that time

2) Are tamban actl effective as live bait and how do you use them to catch bigger predators?

3) Can I use lures and cast from the beach area next to the jetty? Have seen some ppl fishing there and wondering what kind of gear they use?

4) Im planning to go on a camping trip to pulau hantu around december with a few ppl, ive heard fishing is decent there, what kind of gear should i get for that? (preferably targeting edible fish to try fishing for meals for fun)

5) anything else i should get/know before fishing at bedok jetty/pulau hantu? (precautions, tips etc)

lol i know im damn clueless sry but i dun want to go down and waste time fishing seaweed 

  • flex0rnaut
    I'm no pro but what i know..

    1) For tamban, yeah the sunrise and sunset are the general guidelines for when they are most active at BJT 

    2) Match the hatch: Yeah big fish will eat whatever baitfish is in the water. Use either a bottom rig or a float rig

    3) You can try with small soft plastics etc

    4) Not sure

    5)  fish 2hours before high tide and 2hours before low tide is the general guidelines. If it lines up with sunset and sunrise the better.
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