Daiwa bg knob loosen

Hope fellow kaki can help. Recently I change my daiwa bg magseal 4k handle to a power knob, the handle need to be drill out in order to change to power knob. But the problem is after the change Everytime when there a fish on when I reel in the line the whole power knob will fall out. Is this something that can be fixed. Any suggestions is greatly appreciated. 
  • bond
    Must be the screws.....there r 2 screws. 1 is on the handle to the shaft.the other is for the knob to the shaft. U need to put Lock-Tight ( its light some glue) on the screws thread so that the screw wont come loose. Easy job....hope this helps.

  • leo3760
    I see will go and try. Thank you for your help. 
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