What is a good and reliable telescopic rod - SHimano or Daiwa or others

Planning to be in Bungsamram on 1st week Sept. Going by low cost carrier , restriction on outsize baggage hence no 1 pc rods (need to check in cost $) and 2 pc type I am not sure it can be hand carry into the cabin. That is why I am looking for a strong reliable telescopic rod for PE 2-4 ? For the Giant Mekong and Giant Carp 
Your advice please 

  • Michael Lim
    I dun think there is any suitable telescopic rods in this line class.

    But there are some multi-piece rods which can be packed in 3 or 4 pcs and checked in inside your luggage.
    Jabbers has a Game Changer rod which is rated PE 3, 4 pc and should fit inside a full size luggage.
    Daiwa has a Air Portable range which are 3 pc models and can go higher up to PE 4-8 depending on the model.
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