Night eging

Scylla Serreta
Hi All,

Have been trying to catch some sotong lately but haven't been able to get any so far. I usually let the egi jig fall to the bottom and lightly jig/bounce it near the bottom with occasional large jerks. When the current is very strong, I will add a splitshot followed by some leader line connected to the squid jig. I also learnt from some people that you should shine a strong LED torch at night so the sotong will be attracted to the area.

Would like to seek some advice on eging (working the jig, colours to use in day/night etc) as well as where to buy a really strong torch for night eging.

Thank you all!
  • Luke Maow Bear
    Question; are you Eging at a known place that has Squid or trying any spot?

    Personally you seem to be doing all the right things.

    Sometimes it takes on the sink and working it very gently as it sinks is all it needs, instead of jerking try a slow lift.
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