Rods wt line

am new to fishing & want to ask if the rod has a weight line of 8-16lbs, can i use a 20lbs braid line as main line & 40lbs fluoro line as the leader? Will it break the rod? I'm mainly intend to fish in a paypond with fish about 2-4kg?
  • SportAngler
    If you are new. No recommend. As you may not able to handle the fish and changes of you breaking the rod is high.
    For season angler they do use heavier line to rod rating but probably they are more experience.
  • Devilzken
    Most paypond 10lbs good enuff to get most of the fishes
  • Luke Maow Bear
    Yeah that is more than enough, 10lb like bro! With maybe 25lb leader to 30lb leader is ok. I use 16lb to 18lb leaders.
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