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Hi, I need some more anglers for VIP kelong in Malaysia the info below
at No 35, A Kong Kong Laut, Masai 81900 Pasir Gudang, Johor Malaysia
3rd to 1st august
reply if intrested 

  • Royfishing
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    meet at Ah Kaw Tackle, laut near, Kong Kong, Masai, Johor, Malaysia and take the boat to the kelong

     of tanbam, grouper, catfish, snapper, queenfish, todak and more 
    food is also a speciality 


  • Yippe
    ?? pictured RM250, how come your trip RM290? (Beers added)...:) 
  • Royfishing
    weekends $290
  • Royfishing
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    pretty worth it, I would say. Transportation from the jetty to kelong and 3 meals. Idk if there is beer provided. I will also buy 1kg of live prawn don't know if it is enough to share, if there is a lot, then I will share the prawn.
  • kenoh
    hi.. me and my son also very interested but problem is how to go from sin? 
  • Royfishing
    40 min drive from JB   Bts: it is my son and I
  • kenoh
    i got no transport.. i follow u if can..whapp 91579959 ken thk
  • Royfishing
    I have no transport to, 1'll just take a taxi at woodlands :smile: 
  • kenoh
    then we can share.. me and my son.. u call me if ok
  • Royfishing
    sorry, my visa expire
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