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  • fuujahouin
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  • fuujahouin
    Last slot left, any care takers? 
  • kenoh
    Morning guys, 
    i’ve got a trip to sibu on the 22nd June 2019 (saturday) and would like to check if anyone interested.
    All price stated are *cost sharing*, left over amount will be divided accordingly to the number of kakis. 
    Main aim is to aim coral trout. Max capacity is 5pax. Currently 4 pax filled. We normally use Casting of lure or baiting on running sinker for the coral trout.

    Interested kaki u may please contact me at 87One7 87OneOne aka Andy. You may also contact me for more details.

    Est Total entire trip: $350 + 1520rm
    Each pax: $70+304rm (5pax trip)
    Transport - $350
    Boat fee - 1100rm +100rm (tips)
    Breakfast/lunch/kfc - 150rm (kfc snacks for travelling from jetty to restaurant as it take about 1.5hr to reach destination)
    Ice - 20rm (most prob 5 sack)
    Prawn - 100rm
    Jetty entrance  fee (est) - 50rm
    Price aboved dosent include:

    FCFS basis.. 
    ​?? just said how much each .. i mean total sum
  • alanyeo29

    the trip per head is how much??

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