Wanna pick up fishing myself.

Used to fish last time when I was a kid in msia catching tilapia and carp, my uncle handles all the gear and stuff.

Now I want to make this my hobby, can the veterans here guide me on where to get affordable fishing rod, reel and lures? 

Looking to fish at woodlands jetty @ woodlands jetty with only lures, is it worth my time there? 

Thanks in advance!
  • Michael Lim
    You can find tackle in quite a few tackle shop in Beach Road, Tackle 2000, Joe's, Sabre are all recommended for beginners on a budget.

    But fishing at Woodlands Jetty may not be easy with lures.  Consider other grounds and also mebbe after familiarising with the tackle and how to handle the fishes on lures at places like PRMP first...

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