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Shadow Cat
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Yo guys I'll be gg to tuas sometime in July to do bottom fishing and as I have very limited experience with regards to boat fishing I would like to consult some of the more seasoned anglers here. Some of my questions are:

1. Setup-Currently have a salty fighter pair with c3000 vanquish and a pe 2-4 fibreglass rod pair with atc valiant sw 4000

2. Types of Rigs and sinker sizes plus how to make the best use of the different presentations

3. Species to expect 

4. General boat fishing stuff like current flow, how to fish different spots like rocky terrain or wrecks, when do I park the rod or hold all the way etc

Many thanks in advance!

  • relaxed33
    Should post this at "General Fishing", not here.

    1. salty fighter & C3000 keep at home. pe2-4 with ATC SW4000 can bring along when current not strong. Recommend that you bring a pe6 Overhead setup for heavier current and fishing at shipping lane or ship wrecks.

    2. Rigs -> Apollo rigs with size 1/0 hooks, ranggon rigs with 50lb leader and size 3/0-5/0 hooks. Sinkers bring size 6J, 8J, 12J -16J

    3. Snapper (golden, red, spotted, teeboon), sweetlips (Kaci), catfish (duri), arramugun & brown spotted grouper, kelong chi, eels.

    4. When drifting (no anchor) must hold the rod all the way, using madai also need to hold rod, boat park then can park your rod,
  • botakchong
    As different boat captain have different fishing spot. Thus, gears required & catch might differ.

    Suggest to check with boat captain or trip organiser.
  • Michael Lim
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