(Closed) Post in "Kaki looking for Kaki" missing. (Closed)

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Dear Mr Michael Lim

I had a recent posting in early May 2019. With title: SEDILI MOW 2020 (Individual catch).

On 16-May, checked there's around 180 views and no respondents.

However, on 17-May morning, checked and couldn't find my posting.

Is my post being removed due to non compliance to certain FKF requirements or there's some glitches?

Sincerely looking forward to your kind response.

Botak Chong (97280221)
  • Michael Lim
    Kindly note :

    This section here is for users to find a extra kaki or two to fill up the numbers esp when one has to drop out due to whatever reason.

    So, kindly post ALL details of the trip here in full and cost breakdown is to be stated clearly.

    NOTE that this is NOT for commercial users to gather members or trip organisers to start from scratch.
  • botakchong
    Noted with thanks.
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