Labrador Fishing

Hi all! In labrador park near carpark C. anyone find that place a good spot for fishing? or others beside the jetty.

  • bigfishplease
    Hi, first time trying fishing at Labrador today, tried the jetty, new to fishing so not sure if my set up was right, tried to get bait fish for main rod but no bites on small rod other than a small bream. Main rod(used sotong) no bites other than small bait thieves. Did see one hook up however, was a distance away relatively large fish but couldn’t make out what it was at the distance, might have been a queenie or GT
  • iam537
    I will be going there soon to fish. It's been years since I last fished there. Just like to enquire are there any makan and toilets nearby the jetty?

    Thanks in advance
  • Bluetooth888
    I was there 2 weekends ago. Got 3 pufferfishes...haha! freeloaders. Saw someone fighting hard...but line snapped. He claimed was a shark. 

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