Places to catch KBL

Scylla Serreta
Hi All,

thinking of hunting some barramundi in our local waters. Understand that ubin is a popular spot for barramundi but was wondering if anyone can recommend a decent spot to catch Barramundi (or Ang Chor) locally on mainland?

thank you!
  • Luke Maow Bear
    Most of the places are inaccessible now or overly fished, bro.

    Timing is everything, at night is always nice.

    There are canals around Senoko you can try.

    Night and outgoing tide.

    They used to be spots all around there till they were fenced up, so this is not me giving a spot away, this me telling you the canals connect to the once spots.

    Do some day recce and go see the canals, they are big ones, please be safe if you go during the night and bring a friend.
  • Scylla Serreta
    Hi, thanks for the tips! Will try it out
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