Beginner looking for advice, please help!

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Hi Anglers, 

I have recently developed an interest in fishing after watching numerous videos on youtube. 

I went to the local tackle shop for some advice on beginner gear. Told the nice lady ill be starting out in pandan reservoir & west coast park as these 2 places are fairly near my house. She then showed me a Storm Switch Blade & and small reel (i cant rmbr what it was called)

So I'd just wanna ask, is this a good rod for both Jetty and Reservoir fishing?  And also, what sort of lures do you guys recommend as I was very confused with all the different types of lures she has shown me.

Thank you!
  • GreyL
    I don't know much about jetty fishing cause i don't do much jetty fishing but i guess its kinda depends on what you're going for at those jetties

    Reservoir wise tbh any rod can be used to up to your budget and what you wanna target. Light to medium light or even a medium would be fine.

    lures starting i guess are soft plastic those smaller soft plastics like the cultiva paddle tail etc and crankbaits. Crankbaits do get decent hits at pandan and best part they float so easier for you to get your lure out if it kena sangkot.

    -Grey (unqualified angler XD)

    btw the switchblade is a pretty new rod , you went to ewaves right? I'm guessing since you say u live near pandan res
  • Deanz747
    Need not be Storm Switchblade or those expensive setups. Watch BCSG Fishing  or facepalmfishing 
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