Fishing at Lake Biwa (Kyoto) in December

Hi kakis, 

Just wondering, if I wanna plan a trip to Kyoto mid December, what kind of preparations are needed? I was told by a friend that Lake Biwa is strict and does not allow foreigners to bring their own gears to fish there. Have to rent local guides' gears. Anyway, I've never planned a single overseas fishing before so I am new to this. Would appreciate all contribution! Thanks!! 
  • MrKimKor
    do u plan to rent a boat out or just fishing from the banks? aside from that, do note that december will be very cold. i personally fished from boat during end oct last year the wind is already unbearable.
  • MelvinLai
    Boat or banks. Currently not sure yet or still in planning, so I can make changes if need to. But yea, I expect its gonna be freezing to fish too.. 
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