Beginner looking for someone experienced to fish with

Hi all, 

Im a newbie to fishing and am looking for any experienced fellas who are willing to jio me along on one of their fishing trips in SG. I’m aiming to catch my first peacock bass! 

Current experience is tamban jigging at BJT but i’m looking for fish that fight harder. I tried and had unsuccessful luring at LWS reservoir for 4-5hrs lol (after 9999 weeds snags I only managed to see a huge PB chasing behind my lure but didn’t bite.) I suspect its my reeling technique that is wrong because im not sure what retrieving technique to use for the types of lure. 

Currently tackle is some basic poppers, medium diving crankbaits, soft plastic prawn, grubs and swimbait.

So if anyone is going freshwater fishing soon and dont mind showing me the ways pls let me know! Idm going to any of the reservoirs as long as i can catch my first PB. Thanks!
  • Luke Maow Bear
    What time did you go fishing at LWS? - Try sunrise if you did not go.
  • Mojy
    What time did you go fishing at LWS? - Try sunrise if you did not go.
    ​I read on some thread here that the best times are first and last light. So i tried from around 3-7.30pm but even at sunset there wasn’t any better action :( And at night LWS fishing deck has some crazy fly infestation (thousands of them landing on ur face and shirt) so I packed up. 
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