Need tips for handling snags on BC reel

Hi fellow kakis,

newbie here
Over the years i have been using spinning reels for local offshore fishing. When i hit a snag i just use my hand to grip the whole spool and wait for the line to snap, ok so far so good.

So recently i decided to buy a bc reel to try for tenya fishing, loaded it with 30lb sufix line. Then I hit a snag and i as a habit i was thinking ok grip the spool. Suddenly i look down at my reel, omg  :s BC reel how to grip the spool. So i tightened the drag to the max and placed my thumb as hard as possible on the spool, $#@! Line is still coming out, really starting to panic now. Lucky the boatman noticed  and came over to help. I was just minutes from loosing the whole spool of brand new braided line :s . Luckily everything ended safely with the boatman 'cursing' the braided line as he himself almost kana drag overboard.

So TL;DR, i want to ask how you guys stop/break the line when you hit a snag on a BC reel?
  • Luke Maow Bear
    This can get dangerous fast, firstly let's talk about safety.

    1. Never wrap any part of the line around your hand or finger; 30lb lines are ultra hard to break.
    2. Always point the rod tip directly at the snag, this prevent the high stick breakage

    After your have tightened your drag, you can do thumb over thumb, this increases the pressure on the spool.

    The best way to do it is with a glove or rubber to hold the spool down if you are alone

    Shout for help, SANGKOT and let the boat people help you take the line in front of your rod tip to handle it.

    Slow is Fast, Fast is No.
    - take your time, open your spool and thumb it slightly so you don't get over runs from the drift.

    Hope this helps.
  • botakchong

    If you're drifting and boat is moving.

    Unlock you spool, wrap your braided line around some strong point (ballard or rod holder) nearby, be careful. Don't risk you life & limbs.
  • Michael Lim
    Buy a line breaker bar, keep it on you.  Normally, I'd just free-spool it and try to break it off or un-snag it carefully.  Make sure you DO NOT tangle the tip of your rod as you are trying to do so, or it will end up with an expensive and heart-wrenching lesson.

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