More Legal Areas for Fishing


Wrote in to both PUB and Straits Times for more and better located fishing areas. Hope it helps our fishing community out. 
  • slapstick2502
    I am still awaiting updates from PUB to increase our legal fishing grounds. They have contacted me and said they are still studying on the feasibility of expanding the legal grounds. 
  • Luke Maow Bear
    Good job, hope all this helps us.
  • slapstick2502
    Thank you. I truly hope PUB is not replying me to keep me entertained. In high spirits to see them open up more legal grounds. 
  • pckidz
    Not sure whats the public opinion on licenses for public areas fishing. The revenue can go in restocking of lakes and education of new anglers for sustainable practice like C&R. This may also allay some fears about overfishing. 
  • slapstick2502
    I will agree with you on that. When I was fishing in USA, the license scheme proved useful to regulate the correct target audience of anglers. Those who makes the effort to apply and pay for a license are usually the ones who respect the game of fishing and practice the correct fishing etiquettes. 
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