IT Monster Lake Thailand

I went to the IT Monster Lake. It is sort of disappointing because the luring was bad. We had zero takes on lure because the fishes are either too well fed, too lazy or too educated. We did landed the fish on lure but because the guides threw baits to chum and we pretty much foul hooked the fishes. The guides tried rubbers and had no takes, too. 

We are not allowed to bait in the morning and we can only bait after around 1 pm. Thus, the morning was not eventful. But I think we didn't lure as extensive as we should because of the hot sun.

But baiting was very productive in the late afternoon when the sun is not too hot. The pond is stocked with red tail catfish and some of the catfish were caught using banana. The fish are pretty lazy, after they take the bait, they may just sit around and you can slow take your time to strike. But when you get a hook up, the fishes has ample room to run without snags, so you can enjoy the fight!

The worse thing is the shelter is not well ventilated and the fan simply circulate the hot air. Fortunately, there is a "shop" which sells drinks there.

The location is pretty out of the way, and coupled with kind of fishing, I will probably not go back there again. 

Take a look at the size of the lake. There are 3 ponds and you can see the surface action often!

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