New Bungsamran Fishing Park 2019

I went to the new Bungsamran Fishing Park to fish recently. And here is my review.

1) Cleaniness and orderliness 
The place is really clean and orderly. You can either hire a fishing guide to help you or do everything yourself. The guide can only handle 2 rods. Everyone have ample space to fish. We rent a hut which has air conditioning inside (Which may not be a good thing because I went in to ZZZzz). 

2) Cost
Goodness, the cost for each rod is $4000 baht while the locals are paying $400 baht during their promotion. This is 10x the price for tourist. And expect yourself to buy more bait as it get used up pretty fast. We went through I think 6 bags of bread.

3) Fishing
The pond does not encourage luring, and if you want to lure, you need to pay $20k baht!! Not sure if it is a fine, or after paying it you can continue to lure. The fishes are plentiful and after fighting too many fishes, we sort of gave up and asked out guide not to throw the bait. Starting there was 4 rods used... then downgrade to 3... then 2... Even so, we try to push the fishing to one another because we were too tired. So... it is a very good place to test your tackle.

4) Transport
The place is out of the way, if you grab there, good luck on getting a hire back. We had to get private hire from the counter because no cab/grab would come to BSR.

5) Tackle used
We used from PE4 onwards, and got two one way ticket on our 8K twinpower and biomaster. 

Here are 2 360 videos for you guys to take a look.

  • Devilzken
    Nice write up
  • nightdash
    Added a short video of the fishes we catch there and what you can expect. Really want to go there again but the tourist price is a bit of a turn off. :P

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