Kuching Yoko boat 2 from 6 to 11 July 2019

Cost sharing trip.
5 slots available 
If interested please PM me for more details 
Estimated cost $1100 per pax
No sharing of hotel room
  • Michael Lim
    State all breakdowns and details here as required.
  • tanjon
    Day 1 morning flight to kuching,  check in hotel (individual room), R&R
    Day 2 Breakfast at hotel, early morning check out, leave jetty before noon (subject to boat schedule), reach 1st spot around evening time
    Day 3 to 4 fishing on board
    Day 5 reach jetty early morning, breakfast, photo taking, pack fish, check in hotel,  R&R
    Day 6 Breakfast at hotel, check out, morning flight back to SG
    Day 7 Self collection of fish

    Weight, hooks, langkong, apollo rig will be provided on board
    Inclusive of meals, 2 nights hotel room ( no sharing of room), airfare, boat.
    Cost sharing trip. All fish will be shared.

    If interested please pm me
  • tanjon
    Last 3 slots
  • tanjon
    Last 2 slots
  • tanjon
    Last 2 slots
  • tanjon
    Last 2 slots
  • tanjon
    Last 2 slots
    Last year trip video 
  • rogerkweh
    What is the recommended set up for this boat?
  • tanjon
    bottom fishing set up such as jigger 2000 PE4
    Slow fall jigging  set up for 200g to 300g jig
    Spinning set up such as stella 5000 PE4
  • tanjon
    1 slot available 
  • tanjon
    All slots taken
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