7-10 May TP Ah Kiang Boat 5 Looking for last 3!

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7th Morning first boat out from tanah merah ferry terminal to tanjong pinang. once reach tp boat clear custom and boat crew will help with fishing equipment and bags. Lunch and quick shopping for next 3 days essentials. Board the boat around 2pm local time. Set off and might stop during evening time to fish for baits, dinner will be serve concurrently. Head off to first spot after that. Around 10-11Pm local time shld reach first spot and start fishing. Supper will be served and fishing starts fir the next 52-54Hours. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper will be served on board till 9th of May. 10th may around 2-4am will head back to land. Power nap while heading back and splitting of catches will be organised by the organiser. Once on shore, chinese mulslim style chi char will be served. Mini bus will pick us up bck to jetty area. Depends on booking schedule, around 3-5PM will catch the ferry back to SG. 

Boat 3400 Shared 340 Per pax if 10
Ferry Ticket + Ice Box 40-50
Rod tube 10 dollar per bundle
Meals before boarding and after fishing $40 for 2 meals
Fishing permit and ferry tax together around $10
Tips for crew and captian between 50-100 each person depends on catch.
Total per pax $480 - $550

Watsapp @ 97313429 
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