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  • hoo chee hiong
    What happen ? Some misunderstanding? Maybe boat of u talk out n make it clear. 
  • cheap
    ?????no head no tail...
  • Luke Maow Bear
    Actually what is the situation here?
  • bond
    Interesting story....but can put in layman term? >:)
  • Seller123
    edited March 11
    Mr Mikesu,

    This is kj posting on behalf of Captain Melvin Lee of Dolphin explorer. As he is not a member of the forum, he is unable to comment. 
    Captain Melvin had already lodged a police report against you Mr Soh for intended harassment and possible defamation as recommended by the police.
    All post that you had made and subsequently deleted had already been screenshoted as evidence and given to the police. 
    Captain Melvin expect nothing less of a public apology on Fishingkaki and Facebook in regard to the accusations you made against him. Also, please explain clearly the terms "hijack" , "undercut ", "Green hat" and "please enjoy your catch". Please also explain which ethic and dignity is Captain Melvin lacking.
    Mr Soh, you are given 24hours to do so on Fishingkaki and Facebook. Before legal action will be taken against you. 
  • ayeosq
    What happened?
  • mikesu
    I had went to the police station already. The police advise me not to make any more statement.
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