Looking for kakis for 3D2N sedili trip on April 19 20 21

Hi i looking for kakis for the sedili trip , is a cost sharing trip . Fall on friday to sunday anyone keen can whattapp me for the detail.thank for vewing bear in mind is a stay on board fishing 

  • alanyeo29
    Hp num 87424648
  • Michael Lim
    Again, state all details as required or this post will be deleted.
  • botakchong
    Hi Mr Lim,

    As alot of kakis are either new or not aware of the guidelines in looking for kakis.

    Thus, it will help alot if you could provide the guidelines or provide the link to your earlier posting, when kaki's posting didn't meet the requirements.
  • alanyeo29

    swift lady boat.
    (3day 2 night sedili)       Rm5500 8pax
    1. baits sotong 8kg
    2.hot Drinks (coffee and tea)
    3. Drinking water
    4.ice 10 packet
    5.meal on boat.
    Not included transport. Drive to the jetty free  parking.
    On broad 7am.

    Transportation:$400sg door to door.

    Currently have three guys from malaysia own drive up.
    I need three guy to make it 5pax to share the transportation.

  • alanyeo29
    Slot taken mod can delete this post thank
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