29 March to 1st April 2019 Tg Pinang Wisata 5 Capt Akob (Slots Full. Closed)


Damage is $468 Includes
 2 way ferry, vessel rental,  beverages, meals, shirt apparel, taxes, land TP transport, bait. Bottom and Jigging Deposit of $200 is required for confirmation.
Final  payment will be 1 week before departure during anglers meeting.  
Day drifting & Night Parking Fishing Style

0730hrs: Check-In 
0745hrs: Light Breakfast - Coffee/Tea and Toast Bread 0810hrs: BOARDING   
0840: Departure for 2hrs Journey 
1040: Reached TP (0940 local TP Time)
1100: Brunch 
1130: Board Vessel
1200: Sail out for Baitfish 
1700: Fishing for bait fish ( Sabiki Turquoise Size 12) 1730: Sail to Marapas Island btwn 35 to 50 Nautical miles 2000: Reached 1st spot Bottom Fishing Anchor Parking 

2nd & 3rd Day Drifting 0900 to 1800hrs Bottom Feeding & Bait Fishing For Trevally, Groupers,  Red Snappers.  

Night 1800 hrs to 4am: Anchor Parking   

4th Day  4am -5am. We will proceed back to shore. Fish will be cleaned, scaled and divided equally by deckies. No interference by Anglers. Group photo taking. Anglers are allowed to choose 1 trophy catch each.

U can whatsapp me for details +65 84845004 Hans 

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