16 - 17 March 19 Rompin trip with Rompin siong.

Hairy Foo
Looking for 2 kaki with own transport. 
I have 3, trying to gather 5pax for comfort.
Cost sharing trip. Boat cost RM1400/day.
Interested pls WA 97528620
  • Michael Lim
    State all details as required.
  • Hairy Foo
    Hi all, looking for 1 more kaki staying near amk or woodland or near this 2 locations. Kakis staying other area and willing to meet at woodland at 4am is welcome.
    Leaving Singapore at 4am on 16th morning and returning after fishing on 17th.
    Trip is cost sharing.
    Boat, accommodation, meals, drink, petrol and tips, all in approx S$300.
    Interested pls WA me at 97528620.
  • Hairy Foo
    1 kaki could not make it. Looking for 2 kakis now.

  • Hairy Foo
    Slots taken. Thanks.
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