Resold tackles for profits on FK

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Came across a clearance post the a kaki sold everything for $300. It's I very good deal I must admit , one zillion, ocea jigger pg, evergreen LJ, jig and many stuff.

Today I saw was atrocious that one guy resell every thing on a higher price, zillion for 250, jigger for 400 + and some other stuff. Really despise this kind, he void others of genuinely wanted the gear who is on a budget.

Shame on him. Some might say I being a sour grape but I do not need those tackles.

  • Watdefish
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    Thru my CSi this is the guy who resold this. Do not support this kind of negativities or person in our fishing community. 

  • minisquirt
    I can understand ur frustration. Perhaps u wanted to deal too but fcfs he beat u to it.  1 thing gota understand in classifieds: it's willing selller willing buyer market.  Seller was probably doing spring cleaning, no time n wanted to clear everything immediately hence the attractive price.

    Buyer was enterprising n saw the opportunity. Which he took in the hope of making some pocket money n also keep some stuff which he intend to use.  He still gota put in the time to repost, come up money upfront for the deal n meet up to make deals etc. Still take the risk of being unable to sell off certain items.  Hez just a kid anyway, everyone needs guidance more at that age than scolding with no rationale behind it.

    No need to flame or csi. Simple pm will do man to man first. Make known ur NATO intentions before firing a shot like terrorists. How wud any of us feel if we were seen fishing in non designated areas n some kaypoh netizen n stomper come n shoot u from mutliple angles, call hotline n post without giving u due warning beforehand? Same, end of the day just encouraging non gracious n selfish living.

    Anyway what's done is done. 

    Perhaps in future, such enthusiam to rant wud be best done towards stupid garmen moves to destroy fishy holes. Like the case of pandan. Most likely foreign workers (but pls correct me if im wrong) who net, bait n poach = same acts as luring community to the authorities n even those kaypoh netizens. End up it will only make us the only jokes in the world. Like banned chewing gum becoz of 1 moron who stuck it on the door.

    Our garmen has a myopic attitude to resolve most issues and need help, suggestions n pressure from social media to open their eyes.

    In light of CNY Mood. Move on along make  frenz not enemies n get some crs. 
    Peace, Dun worry, Be Happy!
    年年有鱼! HUAT AH!!!

    Mod pls feel free to intervene n delete this thread if u deem fit.

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