Help I am a garbage beginner at fishing

I'm new to fishing and i went fishing 8 times and havent caught any fishes yet. I fish at kranji reservoir. Help me please
  • Luke Maow Bear
    What are you using now?

    And what is a "garbage" beginner? hehe
  • astro
    What u use  ? Lure ? Rubber ? Mid or top?
  • Derpernator
    i just use a crankbait i dont really know the specifics as i dont know what they mean sorry
  • Derpernator
    I also use different lures but i feel like crankbait is better for me but all hasnt caught me a fish so idk. I have some soft plastics, poppers, pencil, spinning lure and spoons. I use 20 lbs test line which is kind of overkill but yeah and i also use MH rod which has fast action. I also use a spinning reel if that matters :/
  • Devilzken
    Reservoir usually doesn't produce much results, 9/10 was zero and 1 is really lucky. U might want to try pond to "break" your virgin  :p
  • Gresini
    I think JB long kang got more fishes than SG reservoirs.
  • SportAngler
    Try seaside like East coast or Labourdor park
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