PRMP/Dbest Fishing Floater Rig Setup

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Hi kakis,

Would appreciate your help in identifying a rig i’ve seen used by some regulars in PRMP targeting gao/nearby fishes.

Couple of months ago i took a trip down to PRMP and a regular left a discarded floater rig for my use as his session almost timed up.

Floater rig was one whereby:

1. Floater at the top
2. Leader connects down to a straw/pipe like material that seperates the rig into 2 hooks
3. 2 seperate hooks at the end

basically a duo hook setup with the pipe acting as sort of a seperation such that two hooks/leader doesn’t tangle up

had quite a bit of success with the rig with 3-4 kims and a gao. Problem is before i managed to reallt dissect the rig and study up on how to properly tie it, it snapped off.

Any regulars for the pond able to identify the rig/rig name with instructions on tying (including lengths and specifications)?
Thanks in advance  
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