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To all fishing sifu, 
Need your guidance please
I have been spending time reading all about Rods and Reels and getting information overload hence started this thread 
a) I have 2 pc of Tenyru Rods mode Tenyru Hyper 30-1701 . May I know if they were for Casting or JIgging and if so what Reels are suitable for them . There is not information provided on the rods and I have lost the boxes that contains the specs 
b) Reels- And I have a couple of questions - Stella 8000PG and Saltiga 4000 H, are these adequate for Maldives - popping ?  Any recommendation for popping rods that can also be used for bottom fishing there. I dont intend to bring too many arsenal due to weight restriction on check-in luggage 

c) Finally - I am so confused - Shimano 2019 is introducing a new Stella S/W and then they have also the Stella Ultimate Evo... so I need reel that is strong enough for Sabah and Rompin waters. My question is which Reel would meet my requirements for these waters. Then you have the Daiwa Certate and Exists ? Whats the differences on all these reels. 

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  • Michael Lim

    This is from Tenyru, not sure if u can find any more from it as a search couldn't generate any results based on the model number.

    For popping, a 8k sized Shimano reel should be decent for there, but the Daiwa 4k may be only enough for the lighter tackles only (probably PE 3 or so)

    Popping rods generally would be long and dedicated to a type (such as stickbait or chugger) and as such would not be suitable for bottom fishing.  Either you stick to popping or bring another rod just for bottom fishing.

    For C, I would be more skewed to Daiwa so I would suggest that if you do not with to bring the Saltiga 4k there, you can opt to get the Certate 4000HD which also has a monocoque body.

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