Seeking fishing advice!

Good day All,

Would like to seek the valuable advice from everyone here regarding some stuff:

- Bait Stealers: I mostly fish on apollo rig with small cut prawn and I always notice that the bait is stolen really quickly. Sometimes even though I felt no bite the bait is just gone really quickly, and sometimes I feel the bite and set but got no fish.. Was wondering if there is anything that can be done to improve on this (e.g. use squid cause it falls off the hook less easily)

- Sangkot places: If I am fishing at places that sangkot really really easily, what other rigs should I use instead of bottom feeder rigs? 

- What bait do you all find generally more effective for singapore waters?

Thanks everyone!!
  • Staphylococcus
    - Bait Stealers:  Are you fishing from shore or boat? Can always use smaller hooks, size 1 or lower. Those J hooks with barbs on the shank also help keep the bait on the hook. Bait stealers are usually small fish so reduce the size of the hook. If your baited hook is lying on the seabed, then crabs might be the culprits. Adjust the height of the rig with hooks higher up on the rig.

    - Sangkot places: The trick is to not drag your rig on the seafloor. Boat fishing- reel 1-2 times up when sinker hits the floor. Shore fishing- after rig has touchdown on seafloor, leave it there. When reel back, reel back quickly to bring it up from the bottom instead of dragging.

    - What bait : Live prawn, dead prawn, mussels, worms..... it all depends on what the fishes feel like eating on that day. You'll CR with fishes caught on all sorts of bait. 
  • Michael Lim
    It may be also your rod.  Having a more sensitive rod with lighter line and leader will allow you to feel the nibbles better and may allow you to hit a couple of those bait stealers too.

    If you are going to be fishing in sangkok prone areas, tying a weak link to your sinker may help get your rig back, but you may loose quite a bit of sinkers.  So tying stones might be an idea if you wanna give this a try.
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