New to lure fishing

Hi guys recently I just started trying out lure fishing and did not even get a single bite from the fish. Can you guys give me some tips and guidelines on lure fishing and the common area for lure fishing? Currently, I am using minnow as my lure. 
  • Michael Lim
    Lure fishing is not as easy as baiting as you'd need to keep the lure moving and thus, it goes past the fish only for a short while.  And there are many kinds of lures and action which may or may not attract the fish at that given time.  Here are some examples : 

    There are floating minnows which dives down to a certain depth (again provided the line and leader is thin enough to reduce the resistance the water makes on the line to allow it to swim better) and float when you pause the retrieve.

    There are suspending minnows which swims at a certain depth and will stay at that particular depth when paused.  This is great for some species as the lure would stay in the water near the target for a longer period of time.  Twitching the lure when it's suspended is often effective.

    There are also sinking minnows which sinks when you drop them in the water and swim at the depth you stopped it from sinking.  You can have a rough idea of how deep it is by counting down the number of seconds it dropped and against the manufacturers rough estimate of how fast it sinks in water.  (One good example is Rapala's Countdown, it sinks at approx 1 foot per second)

    Then there is variations of minnows, lipless, jointed, shad, slab, etc...

    Check out your lure as you swim it in the water beside you.  This will give you an indication of how it reacts in the water.  Learn and gauge how a fish would likely react if you swim it in the normal manner as well as giving it pauses, jerks, twitches, etc in between.

    Luring takes a while to pick up and can be as easy as a simple straight retrieve at times, or other times, it requires more action imparted to the lure.  Keep trying and do check back with us if you have any more queries.

    A good tip is also to look at luring videos, on Youtube, etc...
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