Chasebaits Catch Report / Fishing Techniques

Saltheads Fishing
This thread will showcase catch reports of Chasebaits lures. We will also share rigging and fishing techniques for those who are interested to learn how to use these innovative lures effectively. Those who want to grab a couple of these lures, please head over the classifieds section or visit our website at Thanks!

Angler: Ryan
Lure: Chasebaits Flick Prawn 125mm (Tiger Prawn)
Method: Slow Cranks with Twitches off the Bottom
Location: St John's Island

Angler: Thye Xi
Lure: Chasebaits Smash Crab (Atlantic Blue)
Method: Bottom Bounce
Location: Barelang Fishing Pond Batam

Angler: Captain Zam Jb
Lure: Chasebaits Ultimate Squid (Crystal)
Method: Bottom Hopping
Location: Desaru

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