Marina South Pier CR + Fish Identifying

hello Fishing Kakis. 
Im fairly new to fishing and tried night fishing in marina south pier on 10/11/18. caught two fish but cant identify which type of fish they are. can anyone help?

  • Luke Maow Bear
    Top looks like a baby Spanish Flag, bottom almost looks like a baby catfish.

    Bro, this type of size we release. But good to learn.
  • Michael Lim
    I would think the first one might be more of a cardinalfish.

    Bottom should be a eel-tail catfish. 
  • Shafiq
    Thanks bro!
    Yeag after taking a pic we released them back. Idk if they could be eaten and they're too small. Thanks again! Tight lines. 
  • larrychew
    This catfish is call in Malay Ikan Similang and the best class of all the sea catfish ... very nice eating too... In northern Msia - Penang , they cook asam curry with this fish... The other one is a Nine banded Soldier fish , I think 
  • larrychew
    Too small and good to practice catch and release and bag size limits to preserve them for the next gen of fishermen
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