Hong Kong Hookers Lip Lai!!!

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Any bro here can give light where to buy these hong kong hooks?
Also, what to look for when purchasing?
Kindly share the rig info such as knots and usage recommendation.

  • SteveW
    Bro, hong kong hook our time pass liao, you can now try tenya, personally felt tenya feels like hongkong hook, the presentation of the bait nicer (imagine). Now can purchase in most tackle shop or online, design personally think no difference, but no harm to try all if you got the budget. I just came back fishing, so my setup I feel is okay with Tenya aka hong kong hook, I have 40g,60g, 65g, 80g, 100g and 120g. The 1st trip to Tuas area, stuck with 120g, since most of the time fly kite. 120g I can reach the bottom mostly with 30lb braided, 40lb leader. Got a good size grouper on main hook, the bite is exciting, hope to experience more in future fishing trips. Probably bring a light tackle for with PE0.8 to try the 40g,60g, see if can reach bottom, I bet the feel when hook definitely better than 120g. Knot har, I use clip on the hook, not sure if tying the leader directly on the tenya may be better. Cheers bro, please to share.
  • Luke Maow Bear
    Tenya for the win!
  • ayeosq
    Hmmm, I am handlining, wonder if tneya will work with hand line???
  • Michael Lim
    ayeosq said:
    Hmmm, I am handlining, wonder if tneya will work with hand line???
    ​They might, but I think you'd be better off with the HK hooks on handline as the line thickness does affect the drop and sensitivity.
  • scorpico
    question to all sifus - does tenya work at night?
  • SteveW
    Personal thoughts, just been to a night trip, since they prefer to anchor and not drift, you can't explore with tenya unless you have the exclusive seating at the very back of the boat. I was front side of the boat, have to put up with super heavy weights so my lines will not disturb the anglers at the back of the boat, broke my rod in the process. From this trip, I can be sure tenya will work if I get the seat at the very back, there I can bounce the tenya to other areas away from the boat without worries of other anglers. 

    It was a terrible trip for me overall and wasted quota to my limited fishing budget.
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