For any new Kakis looking for Kakis posts (pls note)

Michael Lim
We do not allow Organisers or Boat Captains to start new threads here for commercial purposes.

Any such posts will be removed and repeat offenders will then be banned.

New posts should also include a breakdown of fees to make things transparent.  At least a rough cost of to show how things would be calculated.

Date, Location, Etc should be spelled out here clearly as well.

A good guide would be a post stating the

  • Date / Location
  • Number of pax for the whole boat / session
  • Number of pax required to fill the numbers (We will not impose a percentage yet, but preferably below 25% of total figure)
  • Cost (total)
  • Misc costs (bait, food, etc)
  • Any other costs which will not be included (such as flight tickets, insurance, etc)

Final date to confirm details, etc.

Again, we will stress here that this category is placed here to assist anglers who have booked a trip and are lacking a few anglers or if some of the party members happened to be unable to make the trip.

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