Eastackle Boss throws me out of his Shop!

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Had the worst tackle shop experience of a lifetime!

Purposely took half day leave to go support his shop, ended up get shouted at and thrown out of shop!

Tackle shop Boss thinks they are gangster big boss, suka suka scold customers and kick them out! Business must be too good for them. Customers are only wallets they can pull money out off! 

Be warned!!!

  • Eastackle
    Talking down and disparaging my colleague to the point of disrespecting her, is really, not acceptable. 

    Framing it from a transactional context that such posturing is entitled, even more so towards a female staff, borders on abusiveness and would be a complete failure on my part if I had let it slide. 

    Whilst not quite our finest hour, I reluctantly will do the same, if such circumtances were ever again to present itself.
  • limpkm
    Don't try to exaggerate to salvage your bad reputation. I am not stupid and so are all customers. Too bad. Suck it up.

    You will lose many many customers like me along the way.
  • limpkm
    Mandy didn't even have any issue with me. She even came to the lift to try to get me into the shop. I relented and got back into the shop. That's when u confronted me like a gangster and threw me out.

    Please. Don't try to alter the facts. 
  • Eastackle
    I stand my postion on this.
  • limpkm
    edited October 2018
    So do I.

    I still have many other friendly and more reasonably priced shops to enjoy my shopping for tackle.

    Now I know why many people don't like going your shop. I will be just another one who will NEVER EVER visit your shop again.

  • qoonutz

    Is there a need to start TWO threads to blast EastTackle?

  • Eastackle
    Hi limpkm,

    This is Mandy.

    I’m not letting my boss (Andrew) to face this himself or put himself in a spot here.

    Understood you took “half day leave” as you mentioned above to visit us, very much appreciated.
    As you did not mentioned in our face when you were so busy shouting and only said, you walked from Ubi to our building under the hot sun.

    For clarification sake, this whole situation of you being unhappy started even before you came up to the shop and met Andrew.

    You came from your work under the hot sun (which is obviously not controllable by us), tried calling both our mobile phone yet we didn’t pick up your call.

    So you decided to call our office phone, which I did pick up after the first ring even though we were attending to another customer at that point in time. You were already unhappy then, which was totally understandable; as I mentioned on the phone and I did apologise and explained that because we have customer in the shop hence we did not look at our phones and missed a call by an unknown number. I got 2 and Andrew got 1 missed calls as both our phones were on silent during working hours.

    I did however answer your call when you called our office number and guided you over the phone on how to come up to our floor, which clearly also stated on our website which I believe where you got all three numbers.

    Our unit number and floor level were also on our website, and you were just a click away to the information which covered on where and how to access the lift (furthermore this is not your first time visiting us and I un-der-stand.... as you had mentioned that you forgot how to make your way up. Do note that we are not blaming you for this as sometimes we forget things due to our busy schedule. Such is the working pace in Singapore).

    Ok, this is the part where all got triggered ...

    (2.)After I unlocked the lift, you came up and the first thing upon exiting the lift and entering the shop was you shouting/raising your voice, when we were all (Andrew, Customer and myself) having a really good chat about Fishing and all.

    First of all, Andrew was not aware of your calls earlier before you came up (hence the missed call) All he is aware was when you first rang the lift bell, I ran over to unlock the lift to let you come up. That’s all Andrew knew about.

    As you were already unhappy about being stuck, feeling hot and lost at the ground floor and all; we understand your frustration but how and why did such small situation turn like this.

    Let me go deeper into it, I think our audience are getting bored.

    On one end you came up to our unit and started shouting/raising your voice, showing how truly unhappy you were.

    (1.)On another end, my boss that did not know you called got triggered too because you came up and started shouting like nobody business. Anyone in their right mind would be shocked. 

    Let me ask you, hypothetically speaking if you owned a shop, would you allow someone to come up your shop and out of nowhere, without knowing what was going on, let someone unfamiliar shout and reprimand your member/staff/family? Would you not angry?

    (2.)Like I mentioned above, we were attending to our customer, and you came up together with our supplier.
    When you shouting and getting off your frustrations all over the place, I don’t think any other customer that was in the shop should encounter such uncomfortable situations as their purpose were same as yours, to buy their fishing items, at their own time.

    I am the one who said; you came here before and should know our floor level. As it is already ‘inconvenient to access’ just 1 or more times of visit would easily remembered. But that is not issue now.
    I did not act like a ‘gangster’ while saying these to you.

    You walked to plastic rubber shelf and continued being frustrated towards us, my boss was actually handling the supplier with the goods and documentation.
    And he (didn’t know you are already unhappy (1.)), said we answered the first lift bell. 
    Maybe you got triggered. 
    You mentioned a lot like, is this how you treat your customer, your business is too big, and you decided to leave. There was no other communication between Andrew and yourself beside the only one sentence he commented. 
    I came towards you at the lift when you decided to walk away. I wanted to stop the situation and told you can you stop shouting or reacting this way.
    And keep repeating myself over and over again the reason of not picking your calls due to (2.)
    My customer have to come out to stop your frustration too and what did you said to him? 
    You told him that he was part of us. He is our customer like other customers who choose their own time to do some shopping and ended up got to face the ugly situation, my customer did not deserved to be treated this way by another customer that is frustrated over such situations. It applies to another other customer, I will not like them get pointed for such case.
    Being reasonable doesn’t mean he or she side them.
    I also told you, we are working adults and let’s take it easy. I did not aspected you would walk back in the shop and continuously you shouted saying “I DO NOT LIKE YOUR BOSS, I will not deal with him”, repeatedly and repeatedly at his shop.
    I was not being OK with how you managed the situation shouting around, even when we have the short communication at the lift.
    I do not accept anyone to yell in my face, in the shop. This is one and only time that’s gonna happened. 

    In another post, you mentioned Andrew told you small customer and such, this is not truth!
    We will never say such word to anyone, no one deserved to such language!
    Do not put words in our mouth.

    If you are really unhappy, you should have just stay and talk things out, like Andrew said to you, if you have any issues talk to him but you decided to walk away.

    Pointing irrelevant in this case doesn’t help.
    Our price are openly on our website as long as I can remembered. 
    We as online platform, there are agreement to supplier.
    We do not need to publicly listing out the agreement.
    Not accepting our price, this really ok. 
    Customers do come and ask for discount as we explained ourselves to them before, pricing on our website GOT TO BE RRP as there’s agreement.

    So, please come to us directly if you still have any issue.

    This is really just a small issue and misunderstanding of frustration.

    Please, have a great day ahead and a blessed weekend ahead.
    Tight line!

    Signing off,
  • Luke Maow Bear
    It is very rare a retail shop addresses a situation, respect.

  • TwinDoc
    Just visited their shop yesterday and I could not ask for a better service, I must admit. Andrew and Mandy were both very attentive and friendly towards my needs. Had a nice chat re: Fishing/non fishing related matters as well. Money and time well spent!
  • bocajnay
    I don’t usually reply much on FK these days but this post has me riled up. You don’t expect service when u start you start shouting and demanding attention like a spoilt brat. Singapore is hot, we get it. So is fishing and being under the Sun when fishing. Should the sun be less hot specially on the day u took half day leave just to go shopping?
    I have visited east tackle on a few occasions. It is true that it isn’t particularly convenient to get to especially if it is your 1st time. But Mandy and Andrew have always been pleasant and generous in their help getting in. 
    Even in my exchange with both Mandy and Andrew (I am not friends with them btw), they have always been civil and helpful. Quite unlike what u described.
    This shop and service staff do not owe u a living just because u decide to spend some money. If you behave like an uncouth mongrel, then expect to be treated as such.

  • abfackeln
    Delinquents who can speak a little english making a lot of noise over nothing. Slow clap for threadstarter.
  • 1.5bar
    Did he ordered 1mill Stellas n 1mill Carpenters?
  • Limpeh
    1.5bar said:
    Did he ordered 1mill Stellas n 1mill Carpenters?
    ​If he's capable of that, he would have ordered it online and send to his sibeh big house while he shake legs at home, won't be so hot under the sun and get all frustrated...
  • monstrad

    i went there many times

    they r not always in shop just call them beforehand, somethes they go out for lunch

    n mandy and her boss is quite friendly imho

    btw, what hot sun? the lift is sheltered and there is a park with seats like 10m away

  • Sggooner
    I have being to Eastackle a few time and have visited many tackle shop. But if I have to judge or to give points for good friendly services. Andrew & Mandy would have score maximum or the highest point from me. Even my friends and our wife find both Andrew and Mandy as a very friendly person. FYI we will not hesitate or are surprise to see and to agreed to all the good comment put up here for them. In any trade or business you can't satisfy everyone but for this story of yours, I feel you will not get any support here from us. 
  • Sggooner
    Correction below, missed out a words 

    FYI we will not hesitate or are NOT surprise to see and to agreed to all the good comment put up here for them.
  • FishermanSieg
    Seems like OP has ran away with his tails between his legs, empty vessels indeed make the most noise. Created a thread but neglected to provide any information. Thanks to the clarification post from eastackle, we now know why he omitted information on what happened. 
  • crabbies
    I've been to Eastackle once, I ended up spending more time chatting with Andrew more than I shop although it's my 1st time there and Mandy was a nice lady too helping me with my payment n registering as a member too so i think the issue is with somebody else. 
    And advice to those who gets frustrated easily, Bring an umbrella together with an ice kopi when u need to walk a further distance the next time. 
  • limpkm
    Well, I wont take any offence to negative things said about me.
    I am just venting my frustration online.

    Should have known better & should not to have started this thread.

    I have since cooled and will continue to buy from Eastackle online.

    Thanks for all who have contributed.
  • limpkm
    Fishing is a great hobby.

    Hopefully this thread gave Eastackle great publicity.

    "Any publicity is good publicity."

    Tight Lines!
  • limpkm
    I am currently out-stationed in China and so have some time to follow-up on this matter.

    To all those concerned, I have already sent a message of APOLOGY to Mandy & Andrew.

    At the end of the day it is about a fighting a good fish at the end of the line.

    Fishing in Singapore is a very small community so, would also like to extent my apologies to all concerned.

    Moderator, I have done my part to close the issue.

    Kindly close the thread.

    Thank you.
  • Michael Lim
    Thank you for your final notes on this.

    I will then close this thread.

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