TB7000 box and Meiho multi hanger

Michael Lim
edited October 2018 in General Fishing
So I got a multi hanger for my TB7000 box recently and found that while it may be a good idea, there is a small problem when using it...

The bucket mouth design box is meant to be opened both ways and it is rather useful if you are on a boat and need to reach for items either from the front or the rear quickly.  But sadly, if you add on the multi hanger, the cover will be blocked from opening on the side where the side hanger is mounted on.

So since I was a bit free and had no issues with the box not being able to be locked.  I took out my Dremel and got to work.  From the first pic, that is the front of the box.  I took out the 2 bars which allows locking of the box down to the bottom.  The 2 bars are still evident on the rear of the box as that area is not blocked, so I left them there.

And just to round off the whole thing, from the side, you can see other additions like the Daiwa rod holders (TB30) and also a Meiho Lure holder between the 2 rod holders.  A Versus shoulder strap completed the whole setup.
  • Michael Lim
    Will bring this out on Wed and test to see if I would enjoy using this more over my older soft bags.
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