Taking photos on a boat trip


Cameras or HPs to capture photos and videos on a boat trip?

Hp seems to be outperforming cameras and very handy but the seawater and sotong and having to carry a phone on a 3 day stay onboard seems to be abit of a bother?

  • qoonutz
    use DSLR then.. use canon L lens.. weatherproof.. bestest..
  • alien36706
    cannot lar...DSLR over budget le...no need bestest....only need handy and ok peekture....
    coz tinking of buying a mid range hp with IP67 or IP68 and use onboard for photos and games
  • Michael Lim
    Get a water-proof cam if you are gonna stay a couple of days on board.  It's safer and would last better than a cell phone which you'd have to charge more often and risk more parts and a portable charger corrosion from the salt...

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