JB Fishing Ponds

I'm looking for SW ponds to go fishing with my friends in Malaysia. So far I'm looking at 2, the Damai Fishing Village and Brother pond. May I know if these 2 places only have CnR ponds or they have those that include tapau also? (My friend say if want release no point go pond, go catch in the wild can le)
Other than these 2 are there any SW tapau ponds yall would recommend going? Would be much appreciated if price ranges are included. Thank you so much :-)
  • MrKimKor
    Brother pond has CnR and tapau pond. There's another pond named Zul beside it. Same, with CnR and tapau pond. hope this helps
  • monstrad
    edited September 2018

    u google map fishing pond in jb have many

    can see their facebooks, can try google translate

    i like kolam pancing syawal ,release many variety of fish, no rules, got ppl use sabiki rig to fish, its opposite sembawang


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