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Hi bros, I went to Bedok jetty for a quick tamban session; went back some tamban and kunings. To my surprise, the kunings survived the trip home. I intend to eat all of them before but... I can't bear to kill to kunings like this so, I decided to keep them as a pet. Any information on these fishes that can assist me in keeping them alive? (I have experience keeping freshwater and saltwater fishes before but I am clueless when comes to the diet and needs of these fishes haha).
  • Michael Lim
    basically they eat krill and small fishes.

    You'd need a big tank with good filtration and water movement.
  • Luke Maow Bear
    Wow good luck I hope you pull this off. I have never heard of it being done.
  • Kikulu
    Oh my, it seems they take prawn cubes readily... not so for cichlid pellets haha. I'm wondering if a 2 feet by 1 feet tank is fine for them?
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