Trolling of St Helens, Tasmania.

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Hi Fellow Forummers,

It has been some time since i've last posted a catch report, so here it goes...

Was having a chat in the University's cafe with some of the fishing buddies about the farming techniques of Southern Bluefin Tunas in Victoria..(BTW, we are Aquaculture students...)

  • Blurtadpole
    A few more pixs...

  • Blurtadpole
    Ermm....a bit embrassed to ask.. :oops:

    Could anyone enlighten me on how to download an signature image under my every post...

    Thanks heaps!

  • Blurtadpole
    Hi again,

    Just to add a few more pictures we (John and myself) took while we were snorkelling for abalones on the East coast of Tasmania.
    These are Black Lip Abalones (Haliotis rubra) and boy are they yummy on stir fry on just chopped garlic and butter...


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