(Closed)SEDILI MOW, 15-17 MAR 2019 (Closed)

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Boat Captain: 

-Goh Tok Mow (Ah Mong)
-Mobile number: +60137757790
https://m.facebook.com/goh.among (To view catch reports)
Boat features:
https://youtu.be/Uy2lyWIspeA (onboard video dated Apr-2017, courtesy of Slacking Anglerz productions) 
-Sleeping area: 10 berth (air conditioned)
-2 Live well: located port fwd / starboard aft.
-1 Toilet cum shower.
-Battery power points for battery reels.
-2 deckies
3D2N boat chater fee: Rm6500
-3 standard meals.(daily)
-Free flow of instant coffee/tea/mineral water & 2 cartons of soft drinks.
-Sotng Bait & ice
-Beer (drink at will, pay at will)
-Individual catch: catch goes direct to individual's ice box. (you keep what you catch)
 -Form small group to share catch.
-Individuals or small groups to manager their own catch.
Tips for deckies: individual kaki to decide & pay directly to deckies.
Transport options:
- Direct payment to driver.
-Car pool: passenger to pay driver S$40.
-Home to home Chartered STAREX: S$380 for 5 pax, S$76 per pax. 
Estimated cost per pax.
-RM 650 for boat charter
-RM50 for miscellaneous
-S$40 (car pool) or S$76 (chartered car) for transport.
-S$10 per pax, Administration fee (NEW ADDITION)
-contribution to beer fund (optional)
Payment schedule:
-In order to cut down admin work load of organiser while onboard.
-We hope all kakis don't mind making 1 time payment of S$250 (approx. Rm710), includes onboard expense S$240 + S$10 Administration Fee.
-Collection will be 1 month before trip.
-Transport payment: direct payment to transport provider  (car pool driver or charter car)
Withdrawal fee:
-Incase kaki withdrawal for whatsoever reason:

-S$100 will be return (unconditional).
-S$150 (withdrawal fee) will depends on below 3 conditions.

1. We shall try all means to find replacement. Full refund of S$150 (withdrawal fee) if replacement found.

2. If no replacement could be found despite our best effort.
All kakis will vote & decide on amount of refund to be make. 1 vote is S$15.

3. Worst case scenario, where no refund is make, each kaki shall contribute some catch for withdrawal kaki's contribution of S$150.

We sincerely hope that all kakis will make the trip.

For slot availability, please refer to below SEDILI MOW 2019 (Simplify List).

Please whatapps, SMS to Botak Chong 97280221 for enquiry.

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