SCS with 7Seas Conqueress from July 13-15, 2018


Good day to all!

Looking for 1 easy going kaki to join us for this cost-sharing trip.  Catch will also be shared.  All you need to bring is your equipment (rods, reels, sinkers, lines, hooks, langgong, etc).  I will buy night snacks, supper and non-alcoholic drinks.

Cost of boat: $4,400/-, not inclusive of bait (eg. prawns & sotong if need to buy), night snacks & non-alcoholic drinks.  Whatever that is over and above the boat cost will be shared equally amongst all kakis.

If interested, a deposit of $440/pax will need to be collected and please contact me via WhatsApp @ 91134250.  Will be overseas starting tomorrow, thus will not accept calls. 

Cheers & Happy Sunday!



  • fishgcrazy19

    Slot filled.  Thanks to all who enquired.  Much appreciated. 


    Please assist to close thread.  Thank you!

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