Saltwater Rod+Reel recommendations needed!

Hi all, new to the fishing community here. 

Interested to venture into saltwater fishing (charter into neighbouring waters). Main targets will be grouper/snapper/larger fish

Need help on entry-intermediate level setups. Budget ~500

Need recommendations for full setup (rod, reel, lines, bait, sinker, specifications and other misc. )

Thanks in advance to the fishingkaki community! 
  • VinceVCZ
    edited July 2018
    neighbouring waters u mean like desaru batam?
    1st u need to know what game u wanna play?
    slow jig, fast jig, tenya, madai,bottom fishing,casting...etc
    ps : type of game determine type of rod, weight of lead jig tenya or else u gonna choose determine the pe/lb u need to choose
    2nd the place u wanna go how deep the water gonna go?
    the deeper the heavier game u need choose.(unless u aim for pelagics)
    like slow jigs <20m 80-120gr should be fine;20-40m up to 200g of jigs;>40m up to 3 or 400gr but u better make sure fish is biting otherwise u need yoko-yoko
    3rd depth of water & type of game will determine reel & line u gonna choose.

    u thinking walao eh? can be simple also can be complicated,but once u understand the basic,everything will be simple.
  • freshjapanfishing
    Hi there,
    I'm a Singaporean but based in Japan, if you are also keen on tips in Japan waters I can reply on that later. As for neighboring areas around Singapore, I went to Rompin recently and found that it wasn't as deep as I thought. Metals jigs 40g-80g would suffice unless currents are very strong or it's very windy that day then you'd probably want something from 80-120g for quick sinking to the seafloor. I don't recommend jigging at the man-made reef but at least 1 hour away from that into deeper areas due to lure loss or snags.
    Stickbaits (aka Sinking Pencils) are also good if you're targeting dorado, GT, sailfish and spanish mackerels (Tenggiri). Some good tackle I recommend:

    Spinning Reel: Daiwa Revros 3000 or Daiwa Exceler 4000H *H for high gear* Check price range:
    or Shimano SW6000PG for big game -  Review here:

    Rod Vertical jigging - Daiwa Exceler 60MHS,
    or Majorcraft Giant Killing Jigging: (They are more affordable for the specs you're getting)

    Rod Offshore casting - Majorcraft Giant Killing Boat Casting:
    Braided PE Line 2-3 - Most Japanese brands are good, 8X lines are stronger, but make sure your rod can withstand PE 3
    Leader: Seaguar Premium max Fluorocarbon shockleader 30-50lb (depending on what size of fish you're targeting)

    If you're going to use live bait, use big circle hooks 5/0-7/0, sinker 20g-50g (depends on your rod's max weight), or split shot in the middle of your line (40-50g). In my last trip to Rompin, I used a front Assist Hook from my metal jig and it was also effective in catching a variety of fish, even large squid. If you're targeting groupers make sure the sinker is heavy enough to reach the bottom.

    Last but not least, a good tackle box, fish grip, rubber gloves and fighting belt if necessary for large fish like GT. Those links above have Japanese exclusive items on Amazon so you can have them shipped to Singapore too.
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