Newbie - Bait options for Bedok Jetty

Hi All,

New to the forum, and new to fishing in SG! 
I've been down to Bedok Jetty a few times in the day and have caught plenty of tamban to use as bait while i'm there - however in reading around the web, i've picked up on the fact that they only feed in daylight hours, roughly from 7am to 5pm.
That is fine for weekends but in the week i'm likely to make it out after that time, earliest maybe 5:30 - 6pm.

When fishing later, i might not be able to catch live bait so i'm wandering what alternatives i might be able to use that work there, or if there are still enough tamban hanging around feeding later that i can catch enough to carry on?

I've seen a type of herring pops out at night, are they pletntiful? if not, what other baits can be used effectively?

  • ayeosq
    if sabiki doesn't work, just add small fish or prawn meat to the hook....
  • Luke Maow Bear
    Live Prawns work. And there are the "Night Tamban" with a bigger eye I think. 
  • jumpinfrog
    Thanks :) be giving it a go next few days and see what happens!
  • Kikulu
    If you have those Bedok Jetty sabiki rigs (as in those that are sold there), you can try jigging as usual though. I've caught small white breams and Tua-baks with it but this is purely anecdotal haha. Still worth trying in my opinion :wink: 
  • maisie
    Its currently monsoon season here, i use the worms that sneak out of mud. 
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