Reels for shorecasting.

Hi, I’m stuck choosing between the 2015 Shimano twinpower 2500HGS and a C3000HG, pair with 8’6 or 9’6 rod for local shore casting. Is 2500 size enough?

Also can a 2500 spool use on a C3000HG reel? 

If it’s 3000size. Between the 2015 twinpower vs the new twinpower XD. And why.

thank you in advance. 
  • Freakinfart
    edited May 2018
    2500HGS line cap not enough. Is shallow spool.

    Get C3000HG. Both the 2015 TP or XD will be good enough.

    XD slight edge over the 2015 TP due to it being "xtra durable'' with extra protection from SW.

    And yes C3000 and 2500 just different line cap, you can interchange both spool

    However do note that 2500HGS is different from C3000 even though is 2500, their body different size iirc.

    I could be wrong but im pretty sure am 80% correct. lol
  • Devilzken
    2500hgs only apply to the spool, body same as c3000 is c mean compact body same as 2500.
    Better to go for c3000 as it hold more line or a heavier lbs for shore, u never know when u need the extra lbs for shore
  • Luke Maow Bear
    C3000. Try to get a HG or XG gearing for shore; you need the speed.

  • smellymonster
    Thank you all for the advice! Looks like a C3000HG.
  • ayeosq
    Thank you all for the advice! Looks like a C3000HG.
    ​Try to go to pioneer, they have a 159 deal if you get your rod there too.....
  • ayeosq
    Would really wanna try this out...
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